*Furs should be professionally stored, with your furrier in the spring. Never at a dry cleaners.
*Furs should be stored in humidity controlled vaults.
*Furs should be stored in adequate space in the closet on broad shouldered hangers. Storing in a crowded closet can cause undue stress and crushing.
*Furs should not be stored in plastic. Store in cloth bags only. *If your fur gets wet, shake it out and hang in a well ventilated area to dry. Keep t away from direct heat. Shake it again after it dries. If your fur gets soaked, it should be taken immediately to your furrier for proper care.


*Clean and maintain your fur on a regular basis
*Cleaning removes dirt, oils and salt from your garment *Glazing is the finishing touch to bring out the natural luster and shine of your garment


*Our professionals complete a full inspection of your fur
*We will recommend the appropriate repairs and alterations in order to restore your fur to its original splendor
*Ultimately our work will save you precious time and money *Small repairs can be completed at a fraction of the cost when you don't delay


*Our professionals are ready to give you an accurate   appraisal
*For a nominal fee we will measure and inspect your fur to   determine current replacement cost
*Most homeowners and renters policy will require an appraisal to cover your fur
*Remember your fur is an investment Insuring your fur is an   additional step to ensure your investment is protected


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