Our services

In business for seventeen years the family owned and operated full service salon can facilitate all of your fur needs on the premise in addition to our in store retail.



  • Store your fur, leather or shearling every spring
  • Island Furs has cold and humidity controlled storage
  • Your garment is always on the premises
  • Storage during summer months is essential to maximize longevity of the garment
  • Cedar and Mothballs should never be used
  • Our climate controlled vaults will protect from heat, excess humidity, insect and light
  • Prevent unnecessary deterioration by storing your garment every year


  • Clean and maintain your fur on a regular basis
  • Cleaning removes dirt, oils and salt from your garment
  • Glazing is the finishing touch to bring out the natural luster and shine of your garment


  • Our professionals complete a full inspection of your fur
  • We will recommend the appropriate repairs and alterations in order to restore your fur to its original splendor
  • Ultimately our work will save you precious time and money
  • Small repairs can be completed at a fraction of the cost when you don't delay


  • Our professionals are ready to give you an accurate appraisal
  • For a nominal fee we wil measure and inspect your fur to determine current replacement cost
  • Most homeowners and renters policy will require an appraisal to cover your fur
  • Remember your fur is an investment
  • Insuring your fur is an additional step to ensure your investment is protected